Date: 8 March 2016
Competition Subsidy Scheme

PolyU Design students are encouraged to enter into reputable international competitions to gain early exposure of their work as part of their learning experiences. The School will support the entry fees to the following competitions. Student should seek your programme/discipline leaders’ approval in advance. Eligibility: Students of BA(Hons) Scheme in Design, BA(Hons) in Digital Media, and BA(Hons) in Interactive Media. Please download the Scheme Document & Application Form here.

Date: 25 January 2016
Student Studio and Security and Fire Alerts

The following serves as a reminder to all of you.

Student Studios

Students from each year are allocated specific Studios. Most of your classes and tutorials will be held in these designated Student Studios.

Should there be a class scheduled in your Studio you are not enrolled onto (say, an elective subject you have not enrolled onto), please kindly co-operate and leave the Studio in order to avoid disturbing the class.

Also please be mindful of others – please keep your own belongings tidy so as to avoid disturbing others and classes run in the Studio

Security and Fire Alerts

Always be mindful of security – please keep a close eye on your personal belongings. Also do not unlock or open the Studio doors so as to avoid giving opportunities to outsiders / strangers enter your studios.

Always alert to Fire – any inflammable liquid / spray should be excluded from the studios and the building, except the Workshops on 1/F, which is equipped with an adequate protective system. Keep the corridor clear enough to allow Fire Exit access in case of emergency.

For further details about facilities, programme information, and subject syllabi, please visit the School of Design Student Website:

Date: 31 August 2015
Laser cutting service booking

Please be informed that in order to improve the booking process, effective from 1 Sept.2015 , all laser cut service booking will be held in room V101b (1/F Tools Crib ). Please come to us from Monday to Friday 9:00 am ~ 11:30 am and 1:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm personally.

Please be reminded that the rules of booking as below:-

  1. Staff /Student must register in person at the counter of workshop
  2. Staff /Students are required to show their Staff /Student ID cards,
  3. Staff /Students are only allowed to book for one hour in a day session with one week advanced booking under our arrangement,
  4. Staff /Students are required to be present during the reservation period. If they are late for more than 15 minutes, there will be regarded as giving up the booking. The reserved period will be open to others.

Date: 25 August 2015
Workshops Open Day and Orientation Tours on 2 September 2015 (Wednesday)

The new semester will commence after a week. In order to provide our freshmen with information on different facilities offered by different workshops in our School, we have arranged workshop orientation tours on 2 September (Wednesday). Please refer to the attached poster for the event details.

All SD students are welcomed!